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Own your money

Non-custodial Bitcoin-backed lending providing institutional-grade liquidity
Debifi beta

Bitcoin-backed lending platform

Debifi allows you to borrow against your Bitcoin in a non-custodial way.
High security

High security

Debifi uses a security protocol where all actions must be signed with a private key generated on a separate device app.
Your keys, your coins

Your keys, your coins

Debifi does not store your collateral; it offers a 3 out of 4 multisig solution with keys distributed among trusted parties.
High volume loans

High volume loans

Debifi connects you with independent institutional-grade liquidity providers, offering loans for up to 5 years period.

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By borrowing on Debifi, you stay in control of your Bitcoin, with a multisig escrow system in place, you avoid collateral rehypothecation and have the highest level of transparency and security.
Explore the full potential of your Bitcoin with borderless stablecoin and fiat loans!

How does Debifi work?

Loans issued by institutional lenders. Everyone can become a borrower.
step 1Escrow creation
At Debifi, taking out a loan doesn't mean losing touch with your Bitcoin. Our multisig escrow system ensures your collateral is dedicated to securing your loan.
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key 3
step 2Loan origination
With Debifi, the security of your Bitcoin-backed loan is the main priority. Initiate your loan contracts safely and efficiently through the Debifi App.
step 3Loan repayment
Repaying your loan is straightforward and secure. The borrower sends the loan amount plus interest directly to the lender's wallet.
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Become a Bitcoin-backed lender

Earn attractive margins by lending stablecoins and fiat globally, secured by Bitcoin. Avoid risk with over-collateralized loans, 3 margin call system, automatic liquidations, and high-security protocol.On Debifi, your money is backed by one of the safest assets - Bitcoin. Lend on Debifi and have full transparency and control over the collateral asset, ensured by a multisig escrow system. Explore the full potential of Bitcoin-backed loans!
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Flexible conditions and best rates
Debifi acts as a global lenders aggregator.Any financial institution in the world can become a lender and compete with others in the free market.
No rehypothecation of your funds
Debifi creates a unique multisignature address on Bitcoin's blockchain for each lending contract, and your collateral is stored there until the loan is repaid.

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