Own your money

Debifi is a non-custodial Bitcoin-backed lending platform that provides institutional-grade liquidity.



Key features

Your keys, your coins

Debifi allows you to store your collateral in a multisig with multiple keys distributed between different parties.You have one of the keys, and no separate party has full control over your funds.

No rehypothecation of your funds

For each lending contract Debifi creates a unique multisignature address on Bitcoin’s blockchain and your collateral is stored there until the loan is repaid.

Secure storage that you can monitor in real time

Storing your collateral safely is our top priority.For this reason, we use Bitcoin multisig technology, where four keys to your collateral storage are distributed between multiple parties and stored across different devices.We allow you to monitor your escrow balance in real-time, providing full transparency.

Large volume loans with longer terms

By combining a highly secure collateral storage system and institutional-grade liquidity providers, we can offer you large volume loans for up to 5 years.More opportunities with low-time preference!

Flexible conditions
and best rates

Debifi acts as a global Bitcoin-backed lenders aggregator.Any financial institution in the world can become a lender and compete with others in the free market.This allows us to provide you with the best possible offers selected specifically for you.Don't like our offer?
Create your own or make a counter offer.

Become a Bitcoin-backed lender, skip the middleman

Become a Bitcoin-backed lender, and skip the middleman. Debifi provides a full-scale set of technical tools for financial institutions so they can easily become Bitcoin-backed lenders without developing their own solutions.The best part: they keep all profit to themselves as they issue the loan directly to the borrower!

Advisory board

Samson MowSamson MowAdvisor
Adam BackAdam BackAdvisor